How to use your Owlchemy wax warmer

These wax melts are divine! They fill our house with gorgeous scents and last quite a while too, and even my boyfriend loves them which is very unusual for him to even notice something like this. The wax burner is so cute but also stylish and goes well with any decor really, plus there is so much variety on the website you will easily find one that suits you! I will definitely be putting in lots and lots more orders for more melts!

Roz Blackadder

I was bought a wax warmer as a Christmas gift and I loved the scents it came with so much that I recently bought 2 more so that my whole house is filled with lovely smells. Ive tried just over half of the scents so far and they are gorgeous. So much better than anything Ive ever tried before and everyone who comes to visit asks me where they can get one from!

Emma Louise

Wax Melt Warmer Lamps


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